CDG airport of Paris is the best destination if you wish to fly from pretty much anywhere to Champagne. Driving to Aÿ from CDG airport takes around 1h45 mins. 
However, the closest airport is Paris-Vatry Airport, which is only at a 45 minutes drive from the house, but not many international flights use this airport. 

Go to to find the best way for you to travel by train to the station Ay Grand Est. Here you can find your itinerary, book and buy your tickets. You can reach Aÿ from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport via train (TGV directly from Terminal 2 to Champagne-Ardennes in 29 mins and then train via Reims or Reims Maison Blanche to Aÿ - total travel time is just under 1½ hours). NB! If you have to wait longer than 10 - 15 minutes in Reims Maison Blanche, I would highly recommend that you go from Champagne-Ardennes to Reims Centre and from there to Aÿ, as there is nothing more than an empty platform in Maison Blanche. No WC, no café - not even a vending machine.

There is a bus running between Epernay and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, stopping at 3 locations in the town of Aÿ, making it very easy to get to the house from Epernay. You can also use this bus for visiting the area - it takes approx 10 minutes to reach the city of Epernay or the quaint village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, with its canal marina and high end champagne houses, such as Billecart Salmon and Philipponat. 
As of February 2020, a one way ticket is €1.10 and a one day ticket for the whole area covered by Mouvéobus is €3.00 - both tickets sold on the bus. 
Time table Mareuil-sur-Aÿ -> Epernay
Time table Epernay -> Mareuil-sur-Aÿ

Most map apps find us by searhing for Maison Marcks Aÿ-Champagne, but if it is not found, enter the address 7, rue Ritterbandt, Ay Champagne in your GPS. This address is right across the laneway from our house, situated on the corner of rue Jules Lobet and rue Ritterbandt. The correct address is 6 rue Ritterbandt, but it is wrongly indicated on some map apps.


Parking is free in the whole village of Aÿ and it is generally a very safe town. There is a small parking square (Square Bollinger) right across the road from the house with 8 parking spots that seems to always be available. In the rare case of it being full, you can do a short drive around town to find another spot and you will still be at close walking distance. For on- and off loading you can do a quick stop in the lane way right outside the house and then park the car more appropriately.


There is plenty to do at a walking distance in Aÿ, but if you wish to go exploring elsewhere, Epernay and its famous Avenue de Champagne is only a 15 mins bike ride away or 5 mins by car.

From the train station of Aÿ - at less than a 10 mins walk through town - you can easily access both Epernay (4 mins train ride) and Reims (23 mins train ride).

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